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The TOP 10 group is committed to reducing environmental impact. Timaru TOP 10 is a responsible tourism businesses working towards more sustainable practices, as well as supporting New Zealand's 100% Pure position...

Gordon and Alison appreciate the value of the natural environment of the park — the established trees provide shade in summer and all year round add to the quiet relaxed atmosphere of the site. The natural environment is a central consideration to the way they manage the park and their approach to the on-going development combines practical energy saving with a commitment to conservation; they have installed solar water heating in the amenities blocks and use energy saving light bulbs throughout all their facilities.

The Collister’s initiated a major natural environment project, restoration of the Waimataitai Stream, which borders the park, not long after taking over management. For many years the stream had been used as a rubbish dump; the first phase of the project involved clearing the stream bed and removing literally truck loads of rubbish. Over a 1000 native trees and shrubs have now been planted along the banks of the stream; once these are established, a walkway through this native bush area will be developed. The native bush has enhanced the bird life in the area and there are eels and even the occasional whitebait in the stream.

Qualmark Enviro Awards

The Development of Qualmark Enviro Awards is a result of feedback from both visitors when they come to New Zealand and New Zealand tourism operators. All businesses that display a Qualmark star grading or endorsed logo are assessed on their environmental performance and have met minimum requirements which includes:
  • Having facilities in place for recycling and/or reductions in waste
  • Completing and using an environmental checklist
  • The ability to verify all environmental claims.

Any Qualmark rated business that displays a green Qualmark 'Enviro Award' logo is considered a high performer in the environmental guidelines and is engaging in activities that include: 

Energy Efficiency

Reducing the amount of electricity, gas and fuel used by the business.

Waste Management

Reducing and managing waste produced by the business (including the philosophy of ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rethink’).

Water Conservation

Using water wisely through conservation and management.

Environmental Conservation

The business is helping to protect New Zealand’s natural environment by contributing to conservation causes or participating in a conservation activity.

Community Support

The business provides support in the community in which they are located by helping out at community events or supporting community groups and charities.


The Enviro Award Logos

Finding top performing Qualmark Green businesses is easy. Look for the green Qualmark Enviro Award logos on websites, online listings and in other promotional material such as brochures and advertising.

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  • Minimum requirements have been met (waste reduction/recycling, environmental checklist complete, environmental claims are verified)
  • Initiatives are in place to mitigate major energy, water and waste usage
  • Significant contribution towards community or conservation activities
  • Documented monitoring of a relevant resource usage
  • Individuals or teams within the business have been given formal responsibility to ensure the environmental action plan is being implemented.
  • A sustainability policy statement has been completed and is being publicly displayed.
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  • Considerable initiatives are in place to mitigate major energy, water and waste usage
  • Significant contribution to one or more community or conservation activities
  • Documented monitoring of one or more relevant resource usages
  • Staff are trained and follow the environmental action plan and can communicate it
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  • Significant initiatives are iin place to mitigate major environmental impacts of the busines under a 'do harm' principle
  • Significant contribution to at least one community and one conservation activity
  • Evidence that the business is taking a proactive role and is an exemplary advocate of responsible tourism.

For more information visit www.qualmark.co.nz or contact:

Qualmark New Zealand Ltd, 147 Victoria Street West. Auckland, New Zealand

Telephone: + 64 9 377 2130  | Fax: + 64 9 377 2132 | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | www.qualmark.co.nz

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